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Special Series: XYZ of Statistics

In this new educational series, we will address the broad area of data analyses in nephrology and transplantation using novel statistical approaches, machine learning and data mining, prediction modelling, data reduction techniques and development of novel trial ideas and application that are relevant to real world problems. Check out the statistics series here!

Special Series: Big Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

The power of big science, large consortia, and machine learning to create breakthroughs in disease management has been most prominently applied to the field of oncology, but these same tools can be applied to nephrology. Kidney International is proud to feature a collection of in-depth reviews on big science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning authored by world experts in the field. Check out the AI series here!



KI on the Academy

This new online educational iniative features select KI and KI Reports authors presenting short video abstracts to introduce their published articles. Brought to you by the ISN Academy and ISN Education. View the video abstracts here.


Kidney International

Cover Image - Kidney International, Volume 101, Issue 2

Kidney International (KI) is the official journal of the International Society of Nephrology. Under the editorial leadership of Dr. Pierre Ronco (Paris, France), KI is one of the most cited journals in nephrology and widely regarded as the world's premier journal on the development and consequences of kidney disease.

KI is peer-reviewed and publishes original research in both basic science and clinical medicine. These include the latest clinical studies on emerging developments in renal medicine and the highest level of original research studies in therapy and epidemiology of acute and chronic kidney failure, as well as their translational aspects and genetic basis. In addition relevant aspects of renal physiology, cell biology, biochemistry, pathology, immunology, morphology and new technological developments are reported with the over-all aim of informing the renal researcher and the practicing nephrologist on all aspects of renal research.



International Society of Nephrology

Advancing kidney health worldwide. Together.

The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) is a global professional association dedicated to advancing kidney health worldwide since 1960 through education, grants, research, and advocacy.

The ISN, through its members and in collaboration with national and regional societies, engages 30,000 health professionals from across the globe to reduce the burden of kidney diseases and provide optimal health care for patients.

Visit the ISN website.



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Companion Journal

Cover Image - Kidney International Supplements, Volume 11, Issue 2

Our companion journal, KI Supplements, focuses on sponsored, topical content of interest to the nephrology community. The journal is complimentary to KI subscribers.

Companion Journal

Cover Image - Kidney International Reports, Volume 7, Issue 1

Our companion journal, KI Reports, is a peer reviewed, open access journal devoted to the publication of leading research and developments related to kidney disease.

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ISN World Congress of Nephrology Abstracts

We are pleased to announce the publication of the ISN World Congress of Nephrology 2021 Meeting Abstracts. The abstracts are freely accessible to all.

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